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PGCPS Announces Central Office Reorganization

Today, Dr. Monica E. Goldson, Acting Chief Executive Officer, announced a reorganization of central office executive-level and managerial positions within Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) to redirect funds and resources to schools.

All non-essential central office hiring is frozen until further notice. Several offices and positions will be reorganized, realigned, reclassified or eliminated. Employees facing job eliminations may apply for vacant positions elsewhere in the system based on their skills, background and expertise. Job reclassifications will be addressed after the start of the 2018-19 school year.

“Our community has spoken loudly about the need to give schools as many resources for teaching and learning as the system can support,” said Dr. Goldson. “There are concerns about the size of our executive leadership team. My goal is to identify at least $1 million in position eliminations and reclassifications from this reorganization in order to improve school services.”

The updated central office organization chart eliminates two deputy superintendent positions under a more streamlined model commonly used in large urban school systems. There are three newly-created positions: Chief Accountability Officer, Chief of Special Education and Student Services, and Chief of School Leadership and Support.

“This model will enhance school oversight, reduce bureaucratic excess and improve central office transparency and accountability,” said Dr. Goldson. “My focus is on strengthening system oversight and delivery of instruction in our schools.”

Key leadership vacancies, including the Chief Financial Officer position, will be filled prior to the new school year.


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